Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PR Comes In Film

ON Stage

Recently, the famous tennis player Li Na announced her retirement via Weibo. On September 22, the official Weibo from ChinaOpen updated a piece of photo saying “Jiang Wen’s Wish : Li Na, Good Luck ! Photographer: Jiang Yi Lang”. In the photo, Jiang Wen post his gesture “LI” to send his wish.

OFF Stage

1.     Right Content

As a Chinese pride, Li Na’s retirement appeals to most of people, including some celebrities. This is surely a hot issue that triggers much discussion. Jiang Wen and his family are fond of Li Na so there is no strange that he follows up this trend and send positive thinking.

PR Code: Right Content comes from hot trends and your own experience at the right standing.

2.     Right Time

Jiang Wen, in fact, is involved in the promotion process of his new film “Gone With The Bullet” to be shown on Dec 18 across Chinese mainland. During this period, each of his action will be related to his film, and also influence the audiences’ thought about watching his film.

PR Code: Right Time is during the best period to deal with campaigns.

3.     Right Way

Jiang Wen uses a creative picture to convey his thinking, rather than a literal paragraph. People prefer visualized pictures due to their vividness and frankness. In addition, the photographer Jiang Yi Lang, Jiang Wen’s daughter, also attracts more attention.

PR Code: Right Way depends on what form you use to convey the idea.

4.     Right Medium

Unlike other celebrities who deliver their feeling about Li Na’s retirement via personal accounts, ChinaOpen official account is the medium that post Jiang Wen’s wish. The third party, or an official one, creates Jiang Wen’s credibility and extends his popularity from among his own fans to among tennis enthusiasts, even to a worldwide level. 

PR Code: Right Medium can enlarge your spreading scales.

5.     Right Goal

Jiang Wen’s goal, at least at present, is to gain more box office of his film “Gone With The Bullet”. The action like this not only delivers his own wish but also serves as a promotion tool of his film. Some web friends have stated that they would go to watch his film because he conveyed his cherish of Li Na. Apparently, this is what he wants.

PR Code: Right Goal is a result of the right usage of Content, Time, Way and Medium

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