Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MARVEL Families Get All Together

 “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which got shown across North America on Aug 1, recently started its promotional actions in China. This great comic work is going to hit Chinese film market on Oct 10.

Two days ago, a promotion trailer attracted my eyes. In this video, Marvel reviews each classic comic hero itself creates by editing them together logically and preview the stories of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers: Age of Ultra”, two Marvel’s new works, in the end. This video, by means of its fluent and smart clips, triggers audiences’ interests on watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” and, more importantly, earns a great reputation for Marvel.

Screenshot from Marvel video of "Guardians of the Galaxy" : Prior Works from Marvel

In recent years, the amount of films is growing at an exponential speed, thus besides the creating process, how to promote the film afterwards is also essential to the creators and the production firm. As films gradually become a kind of commercial goods, their production teams have to better understand their target market and existing resources to think up with an amazing way to appeal to most of audiences. Only in this method can they gain the maximum of box office.

There are many approaches of advertising a film. Among them road events, press conferences and spot shows are all good choices. However, the trailer of “Guardians of the Galaxy” drags me back to think about the most traditional but also innovative way, the videos. Videos act as the most useful promotion tool because of, in my opinion, their three characters –

1.     VISUAL:
Videos are so special because they can make some visual effects that shock audiences. Compared with boring literal texts, people tend to watch visualized videos because scenes and stories are much more vivid and appealing.

2.     SHORT:
Videos used to publicize a film are always short, often no more than 5 minutes. They convey a very concise message easily understood by all audiences, thus they could be shared and spread very easily. Although one video cannot tell every thing about the film, there is always a set of videos making up an entire promotional chain. Videos could be divided into Featurette, Trailer, TV Spot and Interview for different purposes.

Actually, different kinds of videos should be post on different platforms. However, they together advertise a film from every aspect of daily life. Featurettes on theater screens, trailers on film websites and TV Spot on TVs all effectively deliver that a specific film is coming soon. Additionally, in this era of web 2.0, all these episodes could be shared on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  

Marvel Entertainment YouTube Site: Various Videos of "Guardians of the Galaxy"

But what does this Marvel’s video draws my attention? This video released two days ago is different from other trailers I have ever seen. Other videos just focus on one film while this one combines all Marvel works. Through the creative and interesting video edits, this new video not only advertises “Guardians of the Galaxy” but also promotes the production company, Marvel Entertainment. In addition, because this video includes all Marvel heroes, the fans of “Iron Man”, ”The Thor”, “Captain American” and ”Avengers” all become its target audiences, which makes the spread scale even larger. This video is also special at ending with a seamless join of a scene from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and one from “Avengers: Age of Ultra”. The dialogue “Avengers are coming back” foreshows the “Avengers 2” being coming next year.

Marvel Video of "Guardians of the Galaxy" from Mtime

Another important thing involved in the promotional chain is to issue press releases matched with these videos. I got the idea of this video from a report post on Mtime, a film industry website. So if you want to make publicity of a new film, one thing is to make an excellent video, and the other is to report your video to create a hot discussion among audiences.

Mtime Report about This Video, but in Chinese 


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