Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In PR world, How Round-Up Goes

Round-up is an essay publicizing the product, the service or the corporation from a different perspective than the press release.

In the press release, PR people always centralize the news about the company. Whether the products or the business format or something else relevant to the company all can be included into the press release, only if it is newsworthy enough to hook the audience and can present the company in a positive way. In the round-up, it seems that the content is unrelated to the company. Actually, it isn’t. Through the round-up, PR people are writing popular trends of the whole industry to promote the company in a soft way.

Supposed we are promoting the film “The Maze Runner”. What should we write in the round-up?

#1 Rationalize why mazes are popular in real life. We can write the history, the development and the style of mazes, or the academic enlightenment from the maze.

#2 Tell the relationships between the maze and the film. We can analyze the characteristics of both the maze and the film art, and then find out the common areas.

#3 Recommend mazes in real life. This offers the chance of cooperation with tourist attractions and can lead audiences to a good experience.

#4 Introduce films featuring the maze, like “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “Inception” and “The Shining”, etc.

Elements above are cited from  "Why Are People Addicted To Mazes"  

There are many elements we can write into a round-up. The round-up is to round up the company to a marco level of the industry. It introduces the industry and certainly publicizes the companies as parts of the article.

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